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Become a Mind Movies Director of Your Life

Published on March 26, 2012 By MindMoviesSelfImprovement

Become a movie director for a day and direct your very own mind movie. Mind Movies are really fun and you can experiment with your own vision and creativity. Ultimately you are only limited by your own imagination. With this movie concept you can compile movies for various things like Relationships, Vacation, Dream Home, Ideal […]

Joe Vitale’s Guilty Secret

Published on April 4, 2011 By MindMoviesSelfImprovement

Get rid of fear, pain, and sadness this way – ‚ĶEver been down in the dumps? …Filled with e challenging moments life has thrown at you, but rather to share with you something that could powerfully affect the way you overcome pain, fear, sadness and even emotional blocks moving forward. I’ll be straight up in […]

This Makes EVERY day YOUR Best Day…

Published on April 2, 2011 By MindMoviesSelfImprovement

Ever had this happen? Your current job is in tatters, with people being laid off left and right. You’re still there, but hanging on by? your fingernails. You’ve always been something of a perfectionist–but now you’re suddenly making super DUMB mistakes, like spilling coffee on your boss, or chronically being late to work. Or maybe […]

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